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US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Posted on YouTube on April 9, 2020, the Senator Scott Jensen, who represents Minnesota, also a doctor, revealed that US Hospitals are getting paid...

Residential market after isolation: buyers’ interest is close to normal

The indicators regarding housing searches are close to the level before the pandemic and even above that of the similar period last year. COVID-19 epidemic...

Disgusting WHO Chief tells Trump To Be Quiet ”If You Don’t Want Many More Body Bags”

“We will have many body bags in front of us if we don’t behave.” The head of the World Health Organisation issued a tacit threat...

7 tactics to adapt your business for social distancing

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has created uncertain times for just about everyone, including business owners. People are getting a lot of information from a...


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